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Nirmalya of Lord Jagannath Puri: Why it is so precious:

Nirmalya Of Lord jagannath
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What is Nirmalya of Lord Jagannath?

The dry Mahaprasad (rice) called the Nirmalya Lord Jagannath. It is also called Kaibalya.

The component taken away from the deities of the Jagannath temple is also known as Nirmalya. Such as the flower, Sandal paste garland, etc.

How the Nirmalya is Prepare?

The Mahaprasad rice takes to Nirmalya Khala. It is inside the Koili Baikuntha of the Jagannath temple. Then the Mahaprasad rice dries in the hot sunlight to change into Nirmalya.

Why Nirmalya is preparing?

The Sankudi Mahaprasad does not keep in a good condition for more than one day. So Nirmalya used as Mahaprasad for distant peoples. The Nirmalya is the dry form of the Mahaprasad.

It is important as Mahaprasad. It will store for a long time. People from distant places can carry this Nirmalya for their family and friends.

Dry Mahaprasad (rice)

Why Nirmalya is packing in red color cotton?

Red is a holy and powerful color. Red is the symbol of Purity, brave, Positive energy, and the most auspicious color. So the Nirmalya is packed in red color cotton as a symbol of protection and destroyed the evil.

What is the other name of Nirmalya of Lord Jagannath?

The Nirmalya know as Kaibalya. The Kaibalya has five different spiritual activities.

1. Nama Kabalya

Nama means the name of Lord. If someone regular chanting or repeat the name of his Lord then he is enjoying the Nama Kaibalya.

2. Lila Kaibalya

Lila means the religious functions of the Lord. If someone attains and participates in the religious functions of the Lord. Then he is enjoying Lila Kaibalya.

3. Sannidhya Kaibalya

Sannidhya means close to Lord. If someone stays in the place of the Lord. Take part in all religious functions. Then he will be enjoying Sannidhya Kaibalya

4. Mukti Kaibalya

Mukti means release from the bondage of life. If one surrendering themselves in the feet of Lord. Then he is enjoying the Mukti Kaibalya.

5. Kaibalya Baikuntha

If someone follows the rules of Bhagavat Gita in their life. Partaking the benefit of Mahaprasad every day became enjoying the Kaibalya Baikuntha.

Nirmalya of Lord Jagannath Vs Jagannath Sanskruti

In JagannathSanskruti Nirmalya is important for every house. The peoples of Odisha as well as Jagannath devotees all over the world kept Nirmalya in their house. They partaking a small piece of Nirmalya each day after bath to get the blessing of the Lord.

There is a belief that If Nirmalya gave on the death bed (Last time of life) of a person. Then he will go to heaven after death. It is very auspicious as per Jagannath Sanskruti.


Nirmalya has equal importance as Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath. It is also called Kaibalya.