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History of Jagannath Temple Puri

History of Jagannath Temple
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There are different opinions given by the Pandits, researchers, historians, epics and Kimbadanti, etc. regarding the history of Jagannath temple Puri. The Lord Jagannath Temple is the oldest temple in the world which is Pratistha by Lord Bramha.

Who built the Jagannath temple Puri

As per Skanda Puran, in Satya Yuga, the Somavamsa king Indradyumna of Abanti has built the temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri and he invites the creator Bramha to install (Pratistha) of idols of deities in the temple.

The absence of King Indradyumna during the journey of Bramha Loka the King Gala Madhav worshiped Madhav in this temple.

In Mahabharat (Banaparba) and Srimanda Bhagabat Gita (Purusattoma Joga), the name of Lord Jagannath is mentioned which established on the basis of the Puranic view that the history of the Jagannath temple is very old and it is built-in Satya Juga.

  • The Jagannath Temple Puri is built by king Jajati Kesari in the period 949 to 959 A.D.
  • The above temple was rebuilt by the famous king of the Ganga Dynasty Ananta Varman Chodaganga Deva in the period 1078 to 1147 A.D. 
  • The temple construction later completed by Anangabhima Deva in the period 1190 to 1198 A.D.
  • So as historical view, the Jagannath temple of Puri is first built in the 10th century by king Jajati Kesari and in the 11th century the temple was reconstructed by the king Ananta Varman Chodaganga Deva and it was fully completed by Anangabhima Deva in 12th
  • In 1568 the Gajapati Ruler Mukunda Deva was defeated by Kalapahada. The Darumruti is destroyed and brunt by him and then thrown into the sea.
  • According to local tradition, an Oriya named Bisar Mohanty had been able to secure the Brahma from the half-burnt image of Jagannath which Kalapahara had thrown into the Ganga or Sea.
  • He kept it for several years in Kujanga (a place in the Mahanadi delta) till Ramachandra Deva in a dream was ordered by Lord Jagannath Himself to get the Brahma from Kujanga, to set up new images of the Holy Trinity.
  • After 20 years on 1590/92, king Ramachandra Deva re-established Darumruti in Jagannath temple and insert the Brahma into the new image of the Lord.
  • Ramachandra Deva is known as “second Indradyumna” (‘Dwitiya or Abhinava’ Indradyumna).
  • Due to his historical and legendary achievements, Ramachandra Deva and his successors were acknowledged throughout Orissa as the new Gajapatis.


The history of Jagannath temple Puri as per the Puranic view is different from the historical point of view but it is clear that the Jagannath temple is the oldest temple in the world. This temple is built in Satya Yuga and it was reconstructed many times in the four Yuga by different dynasty kings. The Last king Anangabhima Deva has completed the construction of the temple in the 12th century. So the current temple structure is 800 years old.

“Jay Jagannath”