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6 facts about Patitapaban Bana of Lord Jagannath

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The flag hoisted on the top of the Neela Chakra of Jagannath Temple has known as Patitapaban Bana.

In ancient days, the Patitapaban Bana covered the Jagannath temple from top to bottom. Hence the Jagannath Dham is also known as Patitapaban Kshetra.

In ancient days the flag has shown up to 100km distance. This flag touches the Paduka Kunda of the temple for which its name is also Padukasosa Bana.

Table of Contents

    1. Why the flag name is Patitapaban?

    The word Patitapaban is the combination of two Odiya language words Patita + Paban. The word Patita means fallen and Paban means purifier. Bana is an Odiya language word. It means Flag. The Lord Jagannath purifies the fallen souls/ peoples. So the flag named Patitapaban Bana.

    The Lord Jagannath idol has established on the right side of the entrance gate (Lion gate). The devotees who are not allowed to enter inside the temple have a facility to Darshan of Lord Jagannath. So the idol worshipped in the name of Patitapaban. The devotees offered Prasad to Patitapaban and get the blessing of Lord Jagannath.

    2. What is the importance of Patitapaban Bana in Jagannath Temple?

    • Prasad is not offered to Lord Jagannath without Patitapaban Bana on the top of the Neela Chakra.
    • If Prasad is not offered to the deities due to any reason then it offered to Neela Chakra. It called Chakra Mohani.

    3. What is the Length of Patitapaban Bana?

    Earlier the length of the Patitatapaban Bana was 240ft. But due to safety and security reasons, the length of the flag reduced to 180ft and then 76ft.

    In the year 1990, a big stone (5 tons) was fallen down from the top of the temple (Dadhinauti). Then after that, the length of the flag reduced to 21 hand length (28ft) for security purposes.  Currently, it is 14 hand lengths (21ft).

    4. What is the height of Patitapaban Bana?

    The Patitapaban Bana is hoisting at 240ft height from the ground.

    • The Jagannath temple height is 214ft
    • The Neela Chakra Height is 11.8ft
    • The Flagstick height from Neela Chakra is 15ft

    (214+ 11.8ft+15ft= 240.8ft)


    Patitapaban Bana
    Patitapaban Bana

    5. What are the rules (Riti/ Bidhi) for the hoisting of Bana?

    1. Everyday evening (4 to 5 pm) the Patitapaban Bana is changing.
    2. The color of the Flag is deep red, yellow, white, and Pink. Other colors have restricted.
    3. The flag is rectangular in size.
    4. The white color half-moon-shaped symbol is on the middle of the flag.
    5. The flag is hosting with a 25ft bamboo stick.
    6. The flag hoisting towards the opposite direction of the wind.
    7. Some other flags are hoisting except Patitapaban Bana. The flags has named as SaranaPanjar, Abadhuta, and Ketubana.

    6. Arati of Lord Patitapaban

    Every day from about 4:30 am to 5 am the temple main gate (Lion gate) has opened. Then the Patitapaban temple door is open. It situated on the right side of the entrance before the Baisi Pahacha. Then the Arati has offered to the Lord Patitapaban. After that, the Srimandir daily rituals are performing one by one.


    Patitapaban Bana in Jagannath Sanskruti is an auspicious symbolic of Lord Jagannath. The devotees who are not allowed to enter inside the temple have a facility to Darshan of Lord Jagannath. They will Darshan the Patitapaban Besha of Lord Jagannath from the outside of the temple

    In earlier days the Patitapaban Bana of the temple touches the ground of the temple. The devotees touch the Bana and pray the Lord to fulfill their desires. Due to safety and security reasons, the flag length is changing to 14 hands (21ft).

    The devotees can donate flags for hoisting. The old flag removed with the new flag daily at about 5 pm. The flag-changing Darshan is very wonderful and enjoyable. The devotees may buy the old flags from the inside of the temple to keep at their homes as a symbol of Lord Jagannath.