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Frequent Asked Questions :

Online Puja means the presence of Karta/karti is not required. Puja is performed by our Pandit’s on behalf of you. We can join the puja or watch it through an online portal in real-time like google meet, Jio meet, etc.

Yes, you can attain the Puja. You can also send your family members or relatives to attain the Puja. 

The Puja in Online & Offline both is performed as per Vedic procedure & rituals. The only difference in the Online Puja is that the Puja is performing by our Pandit’s in the name & Gotra of the Karta/Karti and they are not required to present in person at the Puja place.

Yes, Online Puja is effective as Offline. 

You can directly chat with the Pandit Rashmi Ranjan Rath through WhatsApp or call him on mobile number 9438703835 for the booking of Puja. The Puja date, type of Puja, time, place /Temple name, number of Pandit’s performing the Puja, and the Puja expense need to be discussed with Panditji before Booking.

You can pay the Dhakhina & Puja item expenses through NEFT, IMPS, Paytm, phone Pay, etc. before the Puja date. The account details will provide you after the discussion to paying the expense.

50% advance amount needs to be paid before 7 days of Puja to fix the date, time & Temple place. The rest 50% need to be paid before 2 days of Puja. Puja confirmation message will send to your mobile number after payment.

No. Each Puja is different. The Puja cost depends on the type of Puja, the place of Puja, and the number of Pandits performing the Puja. You can feel free to discuss the details with us /chat with us before booking.

Yes, this facility is given to you. We also arranged all things related to your Puja and save your time and effort.

The Puja Dakshina is non-refundable after booking but in case of cancellation of Puja, we will be refunded the Puja item expenses to your account.

Requirement for Book Puja Online

  1. Name of the Karta & Karti (if Married)
  2. Gotra of both 
  3. Father & Mother name
  4. Forefather names (7 generations)
  5. Reason of Puja
  6. Online Payment confirmation for Dhakhina & Puja expenses
  7. Address for delivery the Puja Prasad etc.

Book Puja online on Famous Temples of Odisha

Puja in Shree Jagannath Dham
Puja in Shree Jagannath Dham (Puri)
Puja in Shree Lingaraj Temple (Bhubaneswar)
Puja in Shree Lingaraj Temple (Bhubaneswar)
Navagrah Santi Puja
Puja in Navagraha Temple (Konark)
Shree Jagannath Pancharatra
Shree Jagannath Pancharatra Puja
Maa Mangala
Puja in MAA Mangala Temple (Kakatpur)
Maa Sarala
Puja in Maa Salara Temple (Jhankad)
Maa Biraja
Puja in Maa BirajaTemple (Jajpur)
Maa Charchika
Puja in Charchika Temple (Banki)

Book a special Puja

Maha Rudrabhishek
Maha Rudrabhishek
Dwadasa Jyotreilinga
Dwadasa Jyotreilinga Puja
House Pratistha
House Pratistha
Temple Pratistha
Temple Pratistha
Suravi Jagya (Gou Navaratra)
Suravi Jagya (Gou Navaratra)
Vedic Jagya
Vedic Jagya
Vedic Homoms
Vedic Homoms
Chandi Patha
Chandi Patha

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