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Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath Temple Puri || Why it is so Famous||

Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath
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 Different types of Prasad items daily prepared in the Rosasala of Jagannath Temple. It was first offered to Lord Jagannath and then to Goddess Bimala. After that, it turns into Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath temple.

The Mahaprasad is also known as Abhada in Odisha.

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    Why did it call Mahaprasad?

    It called Mahaprasad because of the abolition of Annatva by the six reformations. The following are the reformations.

    (1) Cooking in Vaishnavagni by Mahalakshmi

    (2) Serving in a golden vessel for offerings in the place of Sri Yantra Rupak Tha Muruj

    (3) Mantraraj or Dwarvishakshari Nrsinghatapiniya Patal 1 Prokshan in the Nrsingh Mantra

    (4) The Prasad is Arapan in the Ashtadashaksha Gopal Mantra.

    (5) The Prasad is samarpana to the supreme Bhairavi Bimala of the Bhairavichakra

    (6) Viswasena, Shuk, Prahlad, Hanuman, Narada, Bainteya, Debal, and Indradyumbhadi offer. The remaining food offerings to the eight Sattik Vaishnavas.

    What are the items in Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath?

    There are different types of items in the Mahaprasad. These items divided into two parts as Sankudi and Sukhila. Please read the detailed list of different types of Prasad items.

    The Sankudi Mahaprasad is consists of Rice, Dal, Curries, Vegetables, Khir, Khata, etc.

    The Sukhila Prasad consists of dry sweet items like Pitha (cakes), Khaja, Poda, Sweets, etc.

    Sankudi Bhog
    Sankudi Bhog
    Sukhila Bhog
    Sukhila Bhog

    How Mahaprasad is Prepared?

    Mahaprasad prepared in the Rosasala (Kitchen) of the Lord Jagannath temple. The Rosasala is inside the temple premises. The food cooked in earthen pots through the wooden fire only. The Pots kept one up by one on the fire for the cook.

    The water which used in the cooking taken from the inside temple well. There are two wells in the temple. One well name is Ganga and another Well name is Jamuna. The water extracted from the well through the earthen pots by the Sevaks.

    The cooking methods are strict followed as per Srimandir rules. It is very hygienic and also high in nutrition.  

    How to get Mahaprasad in Puri?

    The Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath sold to the public in Ananda Bazar. The Ananda Bazar situated inside the temple premises.

    The Pilgrims and devotees taste the Mahaprasad at Ananda Bazar. They can also buy the Mahaprasad for his family and others from this place.

    Every day thousands of people eaten Mahaprasad and it is never a shortage. It is the only place in the world where there is no casteism. Anyone can eat with any caste people.

    What time the Mahaprasad is available?

    Mahaprasad is available throughout the day. The fresh Mahaprasad is available after Madyan Dhupa (Mid-day) at about 2 pm daily.

    What is the cost of Mahaprasad?

    The Mahaprasad is priceless. One can be partaking in Mahaprasad free of cost at Ananda Bazar. You can buy Mahaprasad from Ananda Bazar for your family and others. The price fixed by the temple administration. It may change from time to time.

    What is the Mythological story behind Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath?

    In Treta Yuga Lord RAM was very appreciative of the sacrifice of Urmila. She is the wife of Laxman. Lord RAM blessed her and said that in Kaliyuga he will worship at Jagannath Temple at Puri.

    The Laxman is with him in the name of Balabhadra. At that time you will worship in the name of Goddess Bimala.

    The Prasad offered to Lord Jagannath first. Then it offered to Goddess Bimala and turn into Mahaprasad.

    Puranic view of Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath

    Skanda Puran:

    Skanda Puran said that after eating Mahaprasad one can overcome “Maya” and get “Moksha” in life.


    The Padmapuran mentioned that if anybody is not satisfied after partaking the Mahaprasad. Then he will deem spiritually treacherous and sinful of Lord Vishnu.

    Mahanirban Tantra:

    It mentioned that all are equal. There is no caste and religion while partaking Mahaprasad. It has no grade or class. Refusal to taking Mahaprasad is a kind of sin that can’t be atoned.

    Chaitanya Charitamrita:

    Sri Chaitanya describes that after partaking Mahaprasad he released from material bondage. He obtained the blessing of supreme power.

    Bramha Puran & Purusottam Puran:

    It mentioned that if one can take a holy bath in the Puri Sea. After that, they will offer Pinda Dana to their ancestors at Baisi Pahacha (22 steps) with Mahaprasad. They will get the result of DasaswaMedha Yajna in their life.

    Need to follow the rule during Partaking of Mahaprasad

    • Any other food item need not taken with Mahaprasad.
    • Should avoid walking on the place where Mahaprasad is fallen.
    • Need to first touch your head with Mahaprasad before eating.
    • Should not clean the hand or mouth after taking Mahaprasad in a dairy place.
    • Should sit with any Asana while Partaking Mahaprasad


    Mahaprasad of Jagannath temple Puri is priceless. The Mahatma of MahaPrasad is Inexplicable. The importance and greatness of Mahaprasad described in 24 different MahaPurans and Sastras.
    It believed in Jagannath Sanskruti that if Mahaprasad or Nirmalya given to a person on his death bed. He is sure to have a place for himself in heaven after his death.

    Daily thousands of Pilgrims and devotees had eaten Mahaprasad in Ananda Bazar. There is no casteism. It creates a brotherhood relationship among the peoples in the society.