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Majana Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath Puri

Majana Niti of Shree Jagannath
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What is Majana Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath | what type of Niti celebrated on Thursday at Shree Jagannath Temple Puri? 

Every Thursday there are two types of Nitikanti celebrated in Shree Jagannath Temple Puri. One is Majana Niti and the other is Ekanta Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath Puri. The words used in this Niti are based on the traditional names as per Jagannath Sanskruti. The Niti details are mentioned here for your information about the Leela of Mahaprabhu.

In the Shree Jagannath culture, the Divya Leela of the Lord Jagannath is celebrated according to the rituals of the Odisha. That is why there are various Biddhi (Procedure) are maintained in the SriMandir Puri. It is unique and incomparable to other temples around the world.

1. Majana Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath Puri

Ajna Dehi Jagannath Deb Dev Janardhan

Ekanta Kridanarthaya Pratyarchang Cha Ramang Pravo ||

(Niladri Mohodaya, Chapter 12, Sloka-14)

The Majana Niti is held every Thursday after the end of the Sakala Dhupa (Morning breakfast) and the Abakash Niti of Mahaprabhu. In this Majana Niti of Mahaprabhu, the following materials are required.

  • 04 Dahi Olli 
  • 04 Kora Sera 
  • Chadan (Sandal wood)
  • 2 Khandua Lagi Mala
  • Chamu Dihudi

2. Devotees participate in Majana Niti (Rituals)

About 20 devotees will participate in this Nitikanti on Thursday. Each Sevak has a specific role in this Nitikanti of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath. The Sevaks involves in this Nitikanti is known as follows.

  • Mahajan Sevaks (06) (Puspalak): 
  • Sudu Suar Sevaks
  • Parb Yatra Yogania Sevaks
  • Asthan Padhiari Sevaks
  • Chandan Ghatwari Sevaks
  • Pujapanda Sevaks
  • Bhitrachcha Mohapatra Sevaks
  • Palia Puspalak Sevaks
  • Bimanbadu Sevak (More than 04)
  • Bedding makeup Sevaks
  • Ghantua Sevaks
  • Chhatar Sevaks
  • Khandua Sevaks
  • Bidua Sevaks

3. How Majana Niti (Rituals) performed

First Step

On this day, the Beheran gate of the temple and the Majana Mandapa near the south house will be washed by water and the canopy is fastened. Then after completing the Sakal Dhupa of Mahaprabhu, the Mahajan Sevaks will bring Sridevi and Bhudevi from the Ratna Singhasa and Madan Mohan from the south house and make them Bije (Seated) in the Majana Mandapa.

Second Step

The materials required for Majana Niti is provided by Sudu Suar sevaks. One Oli Dahi (Curd) required for Thursday Nitikanti and the Majana Sevaks Majana the god’s statue and placed them on the Bed, Bhitrachcha Mohapatra Majana Chadan in the whole body of the idols, Sudu Suar and Astan Padihari ready 03 Olli Dahi (Curd) and 03 Kora Sera for Puja. 

Third Step

Then the Puja Panda will come to the Majana Mandap and complete the Puja Process. After completing the Puja, the Bhitrachcha Mohapatra Sevak will be performing the Arati procedure. Then the Bandapana is performed.

Last Step

Then when the Madhyan Dhupa (Mid-day meal) comes, the Mahajan Sevaks placed the Bhudevi and Sridevi on the Ratna Singhasa and placed Madanmohan on the south house. This is how the Majana Niti is held at the temple every Thursday.


  • If Nandotsava and Dayanachori (Damanaka Chaturdashi) fall on Thursday then the Majana Niti is not celebrated.
  • From Snana Purina to Niladri Bije the Majana and Ekanta Niti is not performed

“Jay Jagannath”