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Ekanta Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath Puri

Ekanta Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath
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What is Ekanta Niti  (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath Puri

Every Thursday, there are two types of Nitikanti observed in Shree Jagannath Temple. One is Majana Niti, and the other is Ekanta Niti (Rituals) of Shree Jagannath which is also known as secluded Niti of Shree Jagannath Puri.

In Shree Jagannath culture, the Divya Leela of the Lords celebrated according to the rituals of the Odisha. That is why there are various Biddhi (Procedure) are maintained in SriMandir Puri. It is unique and incomparable to other temples around the world.

1. Ekanta Niti (Rituals) Of Shree Jagannath (Solitary Niti)

As per the tradition of the shrine, there is a rule of having an Ekanta Niti (secluded Niti) every Thursday night. The only meaning is that Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi come together.


Before the Ekanta Niti (solemn policy) begins, two pieces of Agyaan mala are attached to Shree Jagannath limbs. One Tulsi mixed mala is attached to the right arm, and one Sadha mala attached to the left arm.


After Sandhya Dhupa (Evening) the Mahajana Sevaks took Sri Madan Mohan from the south house to the Ratna Singhasan. During this time the Bidua Sevak Chamu Dihudi come with the idols. Then Puja Panda offered one Tulasi mala to Sri madan mohan and a piece of Sadha (plain) Mala to Sridevi out of the two Agyaan Mala.


Then after Mahajana Sevaks will be brought Sridevi and Sri Madan Mohan from the Ratna Sighasan and placed under the Jhulan mandapa in front of the Muktimandapa. During the period Bidua Sevak holding the Chamu Dihudi, Ghatua will clock the Ghanta, and Chhatra Sevak will move forward with the umbrella. The Bimanbadu Sevaks take the Palinki and land it near Nisha Narsingh in front of the Saraswati Temple.


Then the Mahajana Sevaks taken both the idols in hand with Dihudi, Ghanta, umbrella, and enter the temple of Saraswati, and from there, go to Jagmohan of Mahalakshmi temple. There is a wooden Palanka (Bed) in the Jagmohan, and both the idols are placed there. Then the Bhitrachcha Mohapatra attends Prasad (sandalwood) and worships Sudu suar and Asthana Padhiari


Two Sara Kora provided for this Puja, and Puja Panda completes the Puja Process. After completing the Puja Arati procedure and then Bandapana is performed.


After the end of the Bandapana of idols, Sridevi and Sri Madan Mohan Bije (Placed) in Palinki and came down in front of the eagle Piller (Garuda Sthambha) through seven steps of the inner enclosure. From here Sridevi was placed in Ratna Singhasan, and Sri Madan Mohan was placed in South house.

Do you know when Ekanta Niti (Rituals) is not performed

  • Janmasthami to Kansa Badha (Bhadra Shukla Dashami).
  • There is no Ekanta ritual on Thursday when Ekadashi falls.
  • Ekanta Niti is not performing on Thursday, which falls within 7 days of Kumara Purnima.
  • From the Sita Chori to Pusya Nakshatra the Ekanta Niti is not performed
  • From Snana Purina to Niladri Bije the Majana and Ekanta Niti are not celebrated.
  • Sahasrakumbhabhishek to Dasahara Ekanta Niti not performed.


The unique feeling that arises when the Madanmohan idol is associated with ‘Sridevi’.That requires an Ekanta (lonely) place. That is why this secluded Niti (Ekanta  Niti ) celebrated in the Srimandir.