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Lord Jagannath
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Lord Jagannath is the supreme power and focal point of the real living world that appears in all and is the omnipotent, the all-pervading, and is also called the all-pervading idol Daru Brahma. Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannath is the Avatree (Attributes) of all the Avatars (incarnation) in the four different Yuga to destroying the evil powers and safeguards the devotees.

Definition of word Jagannath?

Jagannath is the Lord of the Universe. The word “Jagat” means the whole world (Universe). The things which are seen in our eyes are also called Jagat that are human beings, animals, birds, from insects to mammals, etc.

The word “Nath” means Iswar/Swami/Praphu/husband. So the Lord Jagannath is our Swami and Prabhu. He is our master and owner and also saves our life from different problems. We and our forefathers worshipped him from eternity.

What does Shree Jagannatha Mean?

  • Shree- ‘Shree’ means Lakshmi, Aishwarya, Vibhav, Alok. He is the power of devotion, love, and beauty. He is the cosmic light; he is the most manifest, and the guide.
  • JA- ‘JA’ means origin, Vishnu, parents, radiance. The cause of all creation is Lord Jagannatha. All things are created by him. He is the origin of Vedas, mantras, yoga, and knowledge. He is the worshiped deity of Vishnu; he is the parent of the Universe. He exists as the omnipotent power of the world.
  • GA – ‘GA’ means Heaven, Guru. That is, he is eternal, as deep as the sea, as tender as a rose. He is the master of all, the desire of all to find refuge under His Sree charan. Again He is dwelling in our bodies like the heavens and awakening our senses.
  • NNA – ‘NNA’ means formless, indestructible, indestructible, transcendent, constructive, innocent, and pure. The formless, the eternal, the eternal, the immortal God is the incarnation of God, the all-pervading form of Shri Jagannatha. 
  • Tha – ‘Tha’ means mountain, remove fear, well being, and protector. He is invincible, orphaned, and fear-destroying. He destroyed the sorrows of all, such as upholding the dignity of Draupadi, saving the yard.

Five elements of the Human body is hidden in the word Jagannath

The everyday rituals of Lord Jagannath closely characterize human attributes. Shree Jagannatha considered being a collection of five elements within our body. These are:

  • Shree – Fire element
  • JA-Water Element
  • GA-Sky or Heaven
  • NNA-Air element
  • THA-Earth element

Different Avatars of Lord Jagannath in four Yuga

The glory (Mahima) of Shree Jagannatha exists in the heart of every creature. Mahima means the Mercy God and the most pitiful god of the universe. The lord Jagannath Avatar (incarnation) in four yugas describes his Mahima itself.

Satya Yuga-Lord Jagannath Vishnu Avatar

In Satya Yuga when Gajraj was entering into the deep water then one crocodile suddenly attack him severely. Then after fighting with the crocodile the Gajaraj was frustrated and thought that he would never live again. Then he prays to Lord Jagannath to save his life from the crocodile and Lord Jagannath heard that and the wheel (Sudarsan Chakra) crushed the crocodile. That is why in Shree mandir (Lord Jagannath temple) Gaja Udharana ustav celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Magh.

Tretya Yuga -Lord Jagannath  RAM Avatar  

In the Tretya Yuga, the cruel hunter Ratnakar chanting his name and became blessed as Rishi Valmiki. He liberated Ahalya and also eaten Koli (Jungle fruits) from Sabari MAA. To remember this occasion “Bono Bhoji” (Forest feast) is celebrated in Shree Jagannath temple on Bhadrav Krishna Dashmi each year.

Dwapar Yuga -Lord Jagannath Krushna Avatar

In the Dwapar Yuga Lord Jagannath done a lot of Leela in Gop & Mathura. He Samhara (destroyed) many Asuras. His all Leela is celebrated in Jagannath temple from Bhadrava Krishna Paksha Ashtami. to Chaturdasi.

Kali Yuga – Lord Jagannath Leela

In Kali Yuga Lord Jagannatha took the coconut from Dasya Bauri, became the friend of Bandhu Mahanti, eat the khichdi of Karma Bai, the victory of Kanchi with black & white horse, stopped your chariot in the barracks when the devotees Salbeg’s prays you. The glory of Lord Jagannatha will never be ended. You give such merciful attention to the devotees forever.


The Sanatan Shastra is a wonderful, miraculously invisible center of energy. Many names to be attributed to this radiant source of energy such as Parma Brahma (Supreme Omnipresent God), Purushottama (Supreme Devine), Paramatma (Supreme self), Paremashwara (Supreme Lord), and Jagat Nath (Lord of Universe), etc. The word “Jagannath” has been used frequently in the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, sacred scriptures, and History, etc. based on our traditional religion.



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